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Long before Alyssa Gardner found her way into the rabbit hole to have the adventure of a lifetime and find the love of an eternity, her great-great-great grandmother, Alice, stumbled in. The child’s frolics and adventures left footprints across the pages of Wonderland’s history books—footprints that disappeared abruptly without a trace.

Follow Morpheus on the day of his transformative awakening, as he forges a new identity and fresh alliances while seeking to make sense of Alice’s mysterious absence in a fairyland ruled by absurdity, madness, and magic.

This prequel / origin short story from A.G. Howard's dark, magical spin on Wonderland provides a bird’s eye view of a fan-favorite character. See how and why Morpheus became the sharp-tongued, hat-wearing, hookah-smoking, master manipulator pulling all the strings in Splintered, Unhinged, and 

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An original 40-page ebook-only novella in the Splintered series, told from the points of view of both Jeb and Morpheus. Morpheus wants to know more about his rival for Alyssa's affections, so he digs into Jeb's memories of his time in Wonderland. But he may be surprised by what he finds. This brand-new story and perspective from A.G. Howard's dark, magical world stands alone, but also provides a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come in Unhinged, the sequel to Splintered.

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