Splintered Trailer 1:

Splintered Trailer 2:

Splintered Trailer / Brazilian version, by Nova Conceito:

Text Translation:
"I like skateboarding, I like Jeb, and I enjoy life.
But I don’t like listening to the thoughts of plants and bugs.
Well, that’s not my only problem.
My mother is in a sanatorium...
To save her I need to enter Wonderland, and fix a terrible mistake my great-great-great-grandmother made:
One day I find a key to this dark world. My problems only grow: I get impossible missions and meet the seductive Morpheus, which leaves me divided.
Do you think you have a lot of problems? Wait until you discover mine.
Nice to meet you, I’m Alyssa.
Travel with me to The Darkest Side (O lado mais sombrio)."

Unhinged Trailer:

Ensnared Trailer:

Untamed Trailer: